Sausage Pepperoni and Cheese Tray


The quality of our products, commitment to food safety and attention to employee welfare depend in large part on the care and skills of the dedicated staff of Heidelberg Foods Ltd., many of whom have watched us grow from a small butcher shop into one of Canada's most sophisticated processing facilities.

We provide a competitive wage and benefits package as well as opportunities for self-improvement through our tuition reimbursement program.

Heidelberg Foods Ltd. has an opening for a Packager in the RTE department at its St. Jacobs location. (See below for details.)



  • Understand and adhere to all relevant and appropriate requirements of the Heidelberg Foods Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's), Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), HACCP, FSEP, Safety Policy and all relevant legislation
  • Safely, effectively and efficiently package products deemed ready for packaging by the Packaging Supervisor.
  • Strictly comply with any required CCP's
  • Package finished product as directed by the RTE Supervisor
  • Ensure that the workspace has been cleaned and sanitized prior to use.
  • Prior to start of each product ensure the correct product, label information, flavour, counts and customer requirements. Confirm this information intermittently during production run as required in the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Ensure all products are kept separate.
  • Record details of production, such as product counts, weights verified, product name, start and finish time and lot number on department documentation. Also include documentation of any issues that impacted process efficiency.
  • When labelling, be sure that the proper label is being used, that it is aligned properly both horizontally and vertically and confirm the date and lot code for each product.
  • Ensure workstation is cleared and sanitized between products.
  • Package product packaged has been properly aligned, clearly and accurately labelled with a tight seal
  • Forward packaged, cartonized product to the Shipping area
  • Follow all rules for product and personnel movement through the processing area.
  • Inform RTE Supervisor of any and all safety and/or efficiency deficiencies.
  • Prior to leaving at the end of the day, a proper clean-up must take place which includes a thorough sweeping of the floors, cleaning and sanitizing all equipment used, and tidying the area
  • Each Friday enter a record of the department cleaning in the Sanitation Cleaning Log
  • If there are any issues that arise, consult the job description and/or the SOP, then the supervisor.
  • Donâ��t ever check an item off a list without having reviewed and dealt with the item
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Compliance with all appropriate policies, procedures and legislation
  • Time management Communication Attention to detail
  • Effective team player / willing to cross-train
  • Technical skill, understanding of the use of personal protective equipment
  • Must be able to maintain a clean and organized work area.


  • Some heavy lifting (up to approximately 30 Kg)
  • Position is hourly - 44 hours per week at an hourly rate of $18.00.
  • Production environment temperature is 4 degrees Celsius or lower. Need to dress appropriately. Freezer jackets are supplied.

Please submit your resume to indicating your experience and interests.

Sausage Pepperoni and Cheese Tray